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Waxing Treatments in Hayes

Lash salon at Hayes is the only salon in town which offers free underarms waxing if you avail full arms waxing. Experts at Lash Salon Hayes gives promising results when it comes to waxing. They use the best products in conjunction with the latest techniques to completely remove unwanted hair and gives you flawless and smooth skin in no time.

Whether you are preparing yourself for the party or any special occasion waxing treatments at Hayes is the answer to all your prayers. By getting your waxing done from Lash Salon at Hayes your hands and arms will remain hair-free for weeks. They use the products that have growth inhibitors to keep hair growing back faster. Razors and tweezers are outdated modes to remove unwanted hair and one always look upon the way that is a long-lasting, effective and pocket-friendly. Per session of waxing which comes under everybody’s affordability.

Bikini wax:-

A bikini wax is a necessary part of every woman’s life and it is the most difficult area to apply wax by yourself. Nowadays it is very common for women to remove unwanted hair from that area for aesthetic and hygienic reasons. Now you can also get your bikini wax done at Lash Salon on a very affordable price. Let the experts take care of the most sensitive area of your body and give you a fresh feel.

Hollywood/Brazilian wax:-

Hollywood/Brazilian is the type of wax you that you need if you are planning an intimate weekend with your partner or going nude on the beach. Many people are often confused between a bikini wax and Hollywood Brazilian wax. Bikini wax and Brazilian wax are quite the opposite. Now you can get Brazilian wax from waxing treatments at Hayes before you go on any trip and remove hair from your genital area. Removing hair from your genital area is quite beneficial for you as it promotes skin health by exfoliating the area. Brazilian wax at Hayes comes at the very handy price.

Full body wax:-

Full body wax has its own benefits and sometimes having body hair is quite embarrassing. Full body wax is the easiest and far more economical when it comes to waxing. Men and women of all ages and ethnicities like to be hair-free as body hair diminish the personality of both men and women. Waxing service at Hayes also offer their best treatments on body waxing and make u hair-free for a long time. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at waxing treatments at Hayes and look beautiful and confident in no time.